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Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The aerospace industry encompasses everything involved in the design and manufacture of flight vehicles within and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Essentially, this means it is related to the science and technology of aircraft and spacecraft. Being the industry led by innovative achievements coupled with complexity, aerospace engineering relies on major stakeholders quality, accuracy and reliability—expanding expectations on light-weighting and faster time-to-market—the industry probe for better collaboration in their product development process. Leveraging technology to understand the demand and challenges facilitates a highly efficient product development process with adept methodologies for safety and security standards. Implementing advanced manufacturing technologies drives the vital wheels of cost-effectiveness and quality productivity to run ahead of the competition. With the trigger to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology trends, aviation companies discovered the unlimited potential of engineering simulation in the design and development phase of aero components.

To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed aerospace manufacturing solution providers, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Providers in Europe 2021.’ The enlisted organizations offer payment solutions that can keep pace with customers’ ever-increasing demands for a fast, secure, reliable, and feasible aerospace manufacturing system. The magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’, “Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Providers in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Companies in Europe

  • Ellena is well-recognized for its unrivaled prowess in high-quality, precision machining. This family-owned business serves as a leading machining shop that serves several verticals, including aerospace, petrochemical, and mechatronics. What gives Ellena an extra edge over the competition is its capability to manage the entire manufacturing lifecycle—from material sourcing to the final functional tests. The company has invested in two additive manufacturing machines and went the extra mile to establish a startup, SPEM, a full-additive manufacturing company. By collaborating with SPEM, Ellena provides clients with designs and solutions to implement additive manufacturing in their projects and prototypes

  • Established in 1938, Mettis Aerospace is a comprehensive designer and manufacturer of forged, machined and assembled components for aerospace, defence and different sectors. The company has vertically integrated centres of competence that join forces and breakthrough to render excellence. The reason why Mettis Aerospace could give its customers the edge on the current and next-generation programmes. Alongside, Mettis Aerospace is also renowned for quality, in particular, and work to some of the most demanding and exacting standards in the world

  • With almost 20 years of experience, Midland Aerospace is a potent company based on the skills and knowledge of an exceptional workforce. The company operates from a modern purpose-built facility and utilises one of the best manufacturing systems available. The comprehensive services that Midland Aerospace offers and the reputation for quality and reliability has attracted clients from around the world.Being one of the leaders in the aerospace manufacturing industry, Midland Aerospace offers extensive services to its wide array of clients. The services include assembly, fabrication, machining, CAD-CAM, paint and treatments, repairs, assembly, and project management

  • MSM aerospace fabricators is one of the leading manufacturers of complex formed and welded metallic components. With more than 25 quality certificates, the company also holds AS9100, NADCAP for special processes and is approved by the majority of aerospace Primes and OEMs. MSM also works collaboratively with aerospace OEMs to formulate valuable intellectual property, addressing the unique needs of the aerospace industry. The company is also one of the leading SME manufacturers specialising in complex forming and welding of high-temperature metals such as Inconel 625, Inconel 718 and titanium

  • Senior Aerospace Weston is a proven tier-one supplier of complex precision machined components and sub-assemblies for OEMs, predominately in the commercial aviation market. The company boasts decades of expertise in the domain and provides a diverse range of reasonably priced aerospace components tailored to the requirements of OEMs. The company is a partner of choice for some of the world’s leading aerospace companies and puts forth a wide range of precision components and assemblies for aero engines, aerostructures, aircraft interiors, and power generation

  • Copas Technologies

    Copas Technologies

    Copas Technologies is a market leading engineering company with vision, drive and committment, currently supplying aircraft parts for the world's leading airlines and niche parts for rail networks. Based in Kilkeel, Co Down, Northern Ireland occupying 12,000 sq ft. Copas Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assessed company. The company's exacting standards and service levels have resulted in one of our clients, BE Aerospace, listing Copas a 'Gold'​ Supplier, with a regular scorecard of 99.45%

  • Diab


    With a wide selection of mechanical properties, material characteristics and densities, designers, engineers and fabricators can easily find the right core material for any application. Diab leads the industry in research and development of sandwich composite technology. Combining a complete portfolio of high-performance core materials and cost-effective kits with a comprehensive range of engineering and process support services available worldwide, Diab provides unique solutions that keep its customers in the forefront of their industries

  • McBraida Group

    McBraida Group

    McBraida are a machined parts supplier to the uk and international aerospace industries. Operating as a design for manufacture consultancy as well as a world class machining house the company can take parts from initial concept through development manufacture and on into volume production. The service levels required to support lower volume aftermarket requirements are well understood and an integral part of supplying a life of type manufacturing solution. Established in 1954, the company operates out of premises on the eastern fringe of Bristol, England, and its newly built modern facility in Rzeszow, Poland

  • Neva Aerospace

    Neva Aerospace

    Neva develops heavy drones for industrial applications - the next generation of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and Air Utility Vehicles (AUVs). Neva combines VTOL & linear flight capabilities with remarkable stability and the capacity to carry loads ranging from freight to robotic arms weighing from 2kg to 2 tonnes. We have recently released the world's first electric turbofans optimised for static thrust and VTOL/STOL. This is the technology that unlocks huge potential for the development of commercial UAVs, both at Neva and in the OEM market. Wherever remote or dangerous access and 24/7 operations are involved, Neva Aerospace’s UAV/AUV technology is the future

  • PFW Aerospace

    PFW Aerospace

    In the global aerospace industry, PFW has understood the need to be present; to be close to customers and the markets in which they compete, early. Through strategic acquisitions of highly competent and complementary specialists, as well as the foundation of cost-efficient green-field operations in emerging markets, PFW built a global network of specialized manufacturing plants that are continually being expanded and improved. Consequently, for each individual project PFW is able to create a cost-effective, logistically optimized solution