Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Companies in Europe - 2020
FerroECOBlast: A Catalyst in Optimizing Surface Treatment Solutions

Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Companies in Europe - 2020

With new technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics/ autonomous systems, additive manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), data analytics, and sensor technologies taking centre stage, the aerospace industry will see an increased push toward the adoption of digital innovation.

Data analytics has emerged as the most essential ‘digital’ solution for 2020 for the end-user community as it has a proven use case, relatively low implementation costs, and the amount of data being generated by the industry is overwhelming. Other capital-intensive solutions such as AR/VR and AI will require more time to scale as the use cases and technologies continue to develop and mature. We will see higher growth in the digital domain as there is less risk involved in adoption.

Additive manufacturing is another trend flying high through the aerospace industry. The engineers have realised that additive manufacturing — coupled with topology optimisation — offers more to the aerospace industry than just lighter parts.

Advances in material science have shown huge benefits for aircraft manufacturers. New materials like carbon nanotubes and graphene are assisting in making aeroplane wings more efficient by reducing weight and fuel consumption.

During the R&D phase of any product, its production is usually the most expensive area. There have been several ways that the industry has been exploring to reduce this, with 3D printing emerging as one of the most common.

This edition of Manufacturing Technology Insights features companies that are at the forefront of offering aerospace manufacturing solutions and services like Comi, Copas, Diab, and Cefival, among others. Manufacturing Technology Insights’ editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent companies in the industry that solve aerospace manufacturing challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. We present to you – “Top 10 Aerospace Manufacturing Companies in Europe – 2020”.

    Top Aerospace Manufacturing Companies in Europe

  • Cefival is a world leader in the processing of special steels, stainless steels, superalloys, and titanium near-net shapes and tubes using hot extrusion and engine rings with flash butt welded technology. Cefival specialises in the engineering and production of hot extruded components for the aerospace and power generation markets and is largely focused on cost-savings. The company provides customised steel profile solutions; the near-net cross-section of these profiles allows for huge raw material savings, thus reducing the Buy-to-Fly ratio (BTF) crucial to aerospace companies. As a result, even small volumes can be produced with minimal tooling costs

  • Keeping up with the excellence of Italian products, COMI brings in a fusion of artistry and engineering to cater to household appliances, aerospace, automotive, hydro-sanitary, marine, railway, mold and die industries with its thermoforming machines, presses, CNC milling, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, automation, and other products.As one of leading aerospace manufacturing compnies in Europe, COMI provides a portfolio of completely customizable and innovative machines like LaborSpace and Monnalisa for the aerospace industry. With more than 1,300 systems installed in over 50 countries across the globe, COMI will continue its legacy of developing high-quality machines and target international markets for expansion

  • Composites ATE that focus on OOA with fast curing systems to reduce investment in tooling by decreasing cure cycle time to 3-15 minutes from four to eight hours. The company also helps in removing the need for most ancillary materials like a vacuum bag. Providing composite applications for the thermal and electrical isolating sectors for over two decades now, Composites ATE insulating materials include ISOMIK and THERMOMIK that are based on MICA mineral with an excellent thermal behavior of up to 800o C. Composites ATE is EN/AS9100 certified company with a scope covering from design to production of aerospace components

  • Ireland-based COPAS is a leader in the consistent delivery of superior and cost-effective aerospace engineering services around the world. The company has established the COPAS Academy of Excellence to offer training programs that ensure a continuous skill enhancement of its workforce. With the development of highly skilled personnel, COPAS delivers its promise of ‘getting it right first time.’ Besides, today, the company also extends its manufacturing excellence to educational institutions and sponsors secondary schools to take part in the UK Youth Rocketry Challenge with its COPAS Cares Initiative. Looking ahead, COPAS plans to continue to develop it’s fully automated hard metal machining centre of excellence. This establishment, coupled with the arrival of new robotic machines, will put COPAS firmly on the path to replace its three-axis milling centres with robotic five-axis milling centres

  • A global supplier of heat treatment, corrosion and wear-resistant castings with production on three continents and an extensive global commercial and design network, Cronite brings in decades of rich expertise in designing systems and developing materials exposed to extreme temperatures and atmospheres. With roots tracing back to 1917, the company has undergone multiple mergers and acquisitions to evolve as a forerunner in the realm of designing and manufacturing heat treatment fixtures and furnace spare parts. Backed by a buoyant and adept team of designers, metallurgists and engineers focused on optimising solutions, Cronite is committed to meeting all customer specifications with the same level of quality and design features across the world

  • Sweden-based Diab, a company that has remained at the leading edge of composite core material development. The company offers a complete range of high-performance core materials, numerous finishing options, and kit solutions, as well as engineering services and technical expertise to multiple industries, including marine, wind energy, transport, and aerospace. With over 30 years of experience as a supplier to the aerospace industry, Diab has the products and experience to optimise life cycle cost and decrease environmental impact. Diab caters to every facet of the composite design and manufacturing process. The company delivers ready-made engineered kits—pre-cut parts that are shaped as necessary—to substantially increase efficiency, save costs, and improve quality

  • The Europe-based FerroECOBlast leverages more than 55 years of tradition of excellence and research and is constantly pushing the envelope on surface treatment technologies to become the top suppliers of technological solutions in air blasting, shot peening and industrial surface cleaning technologies. The company delivers complete turn-key solutions that can be implemented in high-output facilities where precision and specific standards are of the utmost importance. All their technologies can be engineered in manual or automatic machines. Most of their machines are tailor-made—developed and built specifically for each client, matching or exceeding their specifications, giving FerroECOBlast an advantage to provide most appropriate solutions to its clients

  • TURBOMECANICA has gained an essential place in the supply chain of the big producers of propulsion systems by permanently demonstrating the capacity to assure the quality of the delivered products, to diversify the technical abilities, and to use the production capacities efficiently. At the base of their reputation are the engineering experience, the quality assurance system and the unique processes approved by NADCAP, along with the high-qualification, the passion, and the loyalty of the specialists. Currently, they are focusing on the continuous improvement of the organizational culture, adding to the set of values ​​of the company

  • LISI Aerospace

    LISI Aerospace

    LISI AEROSPACE specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech metal components to enhance aircraft safety and performance. The company has been a recognized player in metal components for aircraft engines and airframes since 2011. Their products feature in a majority of the world’s aircraft and at every stage in their life cycles. Serving more than 300 customers, their teams excel through their capacity to innovate and ensure exceptional operational performance. To achieve their performance, quality and cost objectives, they favor a comprehensive integration of the manufacturing chain, from processing necessary materials to delivering the finished product

  • Zollner


    Complex mechatronic systems, starting from the development to after-sales service, as a partner to leading global organizations, and small and mid-size businesses, Zollner Elektronik AG provides system solutions that cross-sectorial divides along the entire product lifecycle. Individual, personal attention is essential to the company, so it begins with a comprehensive consultation and continues along with all phases of cooperation. They strive to be as efficient and flexible as possible, which is why they have a flat organizational structure to ensure maximum efficiency. As a globally acting company, they affirm their commitment to social responsibility as wel